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Your questions answered

We have answered some of the more common questions asked by those wearing dentures or considering dentures or false teeth. If you find that your questions or queries are not answered on this page, please contact us on 01625 511131 for further denture advice.


How much will my dentures cost?

We understand how important cost is to all our patients which is why we offer three ranges of denture, Independent, Private and Private Plus. We always advise our patients to come for a FREE consultation appointment with Chris to discuss all the denture options with you. It is important to us that we look after each patients individual needs, and it's important to work together to make the right decision for you.


As a guide a partial denture costs from £335.00* and a full set of dentures cost from £835.00*.

How long will it take to make my dentures?

It usually takes around two weeks to make a denture (or set of dentures) from start to finish. We usually try to book two appointments each week where possible. In an emergency we can arrange to provide your new dentures within 24 hours *conditions apply. Please also allow for follow up visits in case adjustments need to be made to your denture(s).


How do I know if I need new dentures?

If you are experiencing problems with your false teeth it may be time for new dentures. Dentures have an average life expectancy of five to seven years but there could be other factors that are affecting the quality of your denture. Whatever the reason for thinking of new dentures, please book a FREE consultation appointment with Chris where he can sit with you and discuss any questions or queries you may have.


Do I need to visit my dentist before I come to see you?

If you have none of your own teeth then you do not need to see your dentist. You can book in with us and we can start your treatment straight away.


If you still have some of your own teeth then you will need to visit your dentist prior to the start of your treatment. This is so the dentist can confirm that your are in good oral health. We would advise that you book in with us first for a FREE consultation and while your here we'll give you a prescription form to take to your dentist. Once this form has been completed and signed we can start your treatment.


How do I care for my dentures?

It is important to look after your dentures as you would your own teeth to keep them in good condition. When cleaning your denture use a soft toothbrush and a soapy solution or washing up liquid. It is the brush that does the work by removing any food from between your teeth and under your palette. Always fill the sink with water to prevent any damage if the dentures are accidently dropped. 


If you have any questions that have not been answered here please call our clinic on 01625 511131 and a member of our team will endeavour to answer any questions or queries you may have.


*Prices may be subject to change 

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