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New Dentures

Are you experiencing difficulties with your dentures? 

Loose painful dentures

Are you happy with the appearance and all other aspects of your

dentures but find them uncomfortable?


This could be resolved simply by re-lining your dentures using

modern impression materials and putting on a new fitting surface

(sometimes soft materials may be used) to ensure the best

possible fit.


Unnatural appearance

Many people worry about the appearance of their dentures.


During your initial consultation some of the things we will look at 

include: how your dentures support your lips and face, the colour

 and shape of the teeth and how the teeth compliment your face

 when you smile.


You might want to bring along photographs of your natural teeth

 to help give a guide to the shape of teeth required; for example,

looking at gaps or twisted teeth you would like to reproduce to 

regain your personal smile.


You will have a try in of your new dentures in wax before they are finished to ensure you are happy with the appearance, if

you feel that any adjustments are necessary Chris will work with you making the alterations you require until you are satisfied

with the result.

Speech problems

Together we try several speech exercises to ensure your teeth are positioned to achieve the optimal phonetic cosmetic result for you.
Chris will look at how your upper front teeth come into contact with the lower lip during certain phonetic sounds. It’s important that there is enough room during speech without the back teeth coming together which can give a clicking sound.
Our thorough assessment ensures that your new dentures will allow you to:
• Sound clear
• Eat comfortably
• Smile confidently
• Feel great

Difficulty eating

Eating food should be a pleasure, but, there are lots of reasons why patients experience difficulty eating with their dentures. Just like speech problems this will need to be assessed case by case.


Creating a natural smile combined with the functionality of eating and speaking is a fine balance. It isn’t always possible to create one without compromising the other. For example; to achieve the lip and facial support that you may be looking for, we would have to position your dentures in a way that could compromise another function.


All is not lost! With the use of implants we can now overcome some of the previous dilemmas faced by denture wearers. This opens up a whole range of options that perhaps weren’t available to you before, or you may not even know about.


The common problem areas listed above give a brief insight into some of the difficulties patients may experience.

Working closely with your clinical technician from the start of your treatment plan can overcome these problems and will help to create a confident smile.

Price for a complete set of dentures from £835.00*

* Prices may be subject to change

"I have been a patient for almost 20 years! I wouldn't go anywhere else...nothing is too much trouble for Chris and his team" 

Mrs Sheridan - Nether Alderley, Cheshire

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